A year in New York City ~ poems from The New Yorker. Two links for each entry ~
to the poet , which opens in a new window; and to the poem ,
which can be read online before deciding whether to download.

      October 7 Barbara Hamby  Ode On Words For Parties (American Edition)

November 11 Rachel Eliza Griffiths  Comedy

November 18 Rachel Hadas  Love And Dread Billy Collins  Downpour

      January 6 Donika Kelly  From The Catalogue Of Cruelty Gerald Stern  Warbler

March 30 W S Di Piero  Aubade

April 13 Deborah Garrison  After Sex, Checking For Instagram Posts By My Kids, And Other Avoidance Strategies

May 4 Eavan Boland  Eviction Ada Limón  The End Of Poetry

May 11 Eavan Boland †  The Fire Gilder

June 1 Vijay Seshadri  The Estuary

July 20 Saeed Jones  A Stranger

August 3 Maxine Scates  Limbo

August 17 Traci Brimhall  Aubade As Fuel Terrance Hayes  Pseudacris Crucifer

August 24 Diane Mehta  Ode To Patrick Kearns, Funeral Director Of The Leo F. Kearns Funeral Home, In Queens