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晉 康侯用錫馬蕃庶。晝日三接。

Progress.   The powerful prince is honored with horses in large numbers.  In a single day he is granted audience three times.

初六   6 at the start


Progressing, but turning back.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  If one meets with no confidence, one should remain calm.   No mistake.

六二   6 in the 2nd


Progressing, but in sorrow.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  Then one obtains happiness from one's ancestress.

六三   6 in the 3rd


All are in accord.   Remorse disappears.

九四   9 in the 4th


Progress like a hamster.  Perseverance brings danger.

六五   6 in the 5th


Remorse disappears.  Take not gain and loss to heart.  Undertakings bring good fortune.  Everything serves to further.

上九   9 at the top


Making progress with the horns is permissible only for the purpose of punishing one's own city.  To be conscious of danger brings good fortune.  No blame.  Perseverance brings humiliation.