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姤 女壯。勿用取女

Coming to Meet.   The maiden is powerful.  One should not marry such a maiden.

初六   6 at the start


It must be checked with a brake of bronze.  Perseverance brings good fortune.  If one lets it take its course, one experiences misfortune.  Even a lean pig has it in him to rage around.

九二   9 in the 2nd


There is a fish in the tank.   No blame.  Does not further guests.

九三   9 in the 3rd


There is no skin on his thighs, and walking comes hard.  If one is mindful of the danger,no great mistake is made.

九四   9 in the 4th


No fish in the tank.  This leads to misfortune.

九五   9 in the 5th


A melon covered with willow leaves.  Hidden lines.  Then it drops down to one from heaven.

上九   9 at the top


He comes to meet with his horns.  Humiliation.   No blame.