#1 ~   Girl in the Green Dress   ⬇︎ Out of the window of the truck which I am driving into the outskirts of Albuquerque (it is almost spring in New Mexico The warm air is heavy with tendency!), out of the window of the truck in which I am the only passenger I see a bright yellow schoolbus come to a stop and out of it delicately stepping a girl in a green dress!     to scroll ~ press and drag My mouth falls wide open in awe as I stop also as required by law and the presence of officers with their slung pistolas and enormous bellies protecting the young people from the likes of me. But the girl in the green dress! She is so Mexican! She is so Indian! that the pale face from Massachusetts is fired by the black eyes and eyebrows against the pure olive skin, the long, slow rise of the cheekbones and the black straight immaculately shining hair which plummets (Aieee! Aieee!) un encumbered down to the small of her back... And the way she is stepping so carefully as if she were barefoot and the streets of Alameda were strewn with broken glass. This is what gives that incredible angle to the line of her calves and makes the tips of her ankles cut and glint in the sunlight through window and eyelid to such dreams as brim up on the edge of spring: For she is so much the thing that she is that I cannot decide whether to take her to Brooklyn Heights to watch Manhattan at midnight or to Sausalito to watch San Francisco emerging in the early dawn. She is so contained in her green dress! That is her territory! That is where she lives with the breasts and buttocks and honeydripping unpenetrated apertures she has lived with all her life! Where could I take her now that she has gone past me to do her homework? (I could come back tomorrow and ask to borrow her geography book. I could say I was a boy in a red-checked shirt trying to get some sense of the landscape . . . ) But they are waving me on! They are waving me on with cruel gestures! O my friends the officers of the outskirts of Albuquerque With your slung pistolas and enormous bellies With your rigid enforcement of a 15 MPH school zone limit Standing outside Albuquerque on the day before the day before the first day of spring Beware of the young men who pass you in trucks They are so easily overcome by beauty And they may like myself pose a certain threat Sidney Goldfarb     Speech, for Instance   1965    #2 ~ ➡︎
AFTER TSANG CHIH I was brought up in a small town in the Mohave Desert. The boys wouldn’t touch me who was dying to be touched, because I was too quote Smart. Which the truck-drivers didn’t think as they looked and waved On their way through town, on the way to my World. (1977) Alice Notley   Grave of Light ~ New and Selected Poems   2006
SONG by Tsang Chih 曾志 (sixth century) I was brought up under the Stone Castle: My window opened on to the castle tower. In the castle there were beautiful young men Who waved to me as they went in and out. Arthur Waley One Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems   1918 ⬇︎

#4 why shouldn't men look at women and women look at men and women look at women and men look at men why shouldn't they size eachother up (as we used to say) why isn't there more of that looking that casual catching of breath in plain appreciation or rejection why isn't there more of it what old people sometimes ex- perienced as shock and a dangerous heartbeat which sometimes erupted into love at first sight (as it is called to this day) and as old people we must warn it may once in a startling while last forever (as it is called) Grace Paley     Fidelity   2008

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